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Auteur:  111110101011 [ 08 Fév 2014 20:01 ]
Sujet du message:  Secure Share (secushare)

Secushare, j'avais déjà laissé un lien sur p2pfr, mais c'est enfoui dans le wiki,

Donc voilà un projet plutôt ambitieux de p2p sécurisé, pas achevé, d'ailleurs le concepteur blablate beaucoup, alors c'est aussi intéressant pour ça.

Le site officiel: http://secushare.org

Le logiciel s'appuie sur GNUnet.

Bon courage aux messieurs-dames qui le développent, espérons que ça ne reste pas qu'un projet sur le papier...

Auteur:  111110101011 [ 08 Fév 2014 20:07 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Secure Share (secushare)

Les dernières nouvelles de la mailing-list de Secushare, dans l'optique "On doit réparer Internet", en référence à ce qui peut se lire notamment ici.

[secushare-announce] secushare action in London, Frankfurt and Berlin

The shock freeze is definitely over, and the icebergs are moving.
Looks like we will be able to welcome our first funding sponsor
on our website who will get us going onto summer and then there's
an even larger one winking in our general direction.

It took a while for the funding organizations to realize the
gravity of the situation at hand, but they are starting to grasp
that this profound crisis of the Internet is not solvable by
the usual patchwork approach.

Exactly that is what we will meet at the upcoming W3C workshop
on "Strengthening the Internet" (STRINT). Pretty much all the
papers submitted to it are about improving a bit of SSL here
and making a bit more PGP over there. Ours is the only paper that
says how pointless patchworking is. We need to redesign the Net
from scratch. Enjoy it:


That's happening in London at the end of the month.
In the meantime we'll have secushare and #youbroketheinternet
meetings tomorrow in Berlin Mitte. Since the secushare backbone
functionality is in the working it is generally useful to start
sketching out how a GNU Internet should look and feel like. It
is a design and usability challenge to turn the constraints
created by privacy requirements into virtues of digital joy -
and social networking is no longer a particular kind of
website - it's the foundation of digital interaction. We need
to get that right to build a new Internet on top of it.

Want to join us tomorrow or at future Berlin meetings?
Get in touch.. ircs://psyced.org/youbroketheinternet

We can also meet up in Frankfurt at the upcoming ThinkTwice
conference. http://thinktwice.pp-international.net

By the way, many sessions at the 30c3 had truly amazing
content.. expanding horizons on both the challenges we are
facing and the options we are given. In the coming weeks we'll
get working on editing the videos and slides so you'll have a
chance to get into the loop of unbreaking the Internet.

So, seeyasoon!

-- secu-announce@lists.secushare.org
https://lists.tgbit.net/mailman/listinf ... u-announce

Auteur:  111110101011 [ 03 Mars 2014 02:32 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: Secure Share (secushare)

Un nouveau mail sur la ML de Secushare,

We'll have a meeting with locals talking about secushare,
GNUnet, Tor and fixing the Internet in general. Does a
clean slate encrypted and obfuscated approach stand a
chance? We believe so. Hopefully the mind behind Tribler
will also be with us, telling about his new implementation
of Tor over UDP.
Tuesday evening, 9pm at https://london.hackspace.org.uk

Coming up, #youbroketheinternet in Brussels end of March.

If these are the wrong cities for you, try inviting us
to yours.

-- secu-announce@lists.secushare.org
https://lists.tgbit.net/mailman/listinf ... u-announce

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