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 Sujet du message: probleme de connection avec Kazaa lite
MessagePublié: 28 Jan 2006 10:25 
Mangouste Du Désert

Inscrit le: 28 Jan 2006 10:21
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désolé pour la langue, mais je voulais partagé avec vous un bug de kazaa lite dont je viens de trouver la solution:

I resolve a little connection probleme with kazaa lite 2.4.3, k++

After the install I cant connect, the search and trafic boutons was grey. The status was eternaly on connecting without any connected status. I try many time the disconect and connect option, but nothing change. I try to setup the option without results.

On an another computer kazaa lite with the same setting can connect perfectly

I have windows xp pro sp2 with nvidia sli fw with activeamor actived ( configured on command line ), avg and spybot

if I look the firewall log I saw kazaa lite tryed to connect with on my side the ip with the defaut tcp port number and without any ip or port for the destination. I can browse and I have an ip with my dsl connection and an ip for my lan connection, both can browse internet.

I try to desactive the xp fw, the nvidia software fw and the nvidia activeamor hardware fw without any connection of kaza.

Kazaa lite can receive a connection on the 1214, and he can establish a connection on the default port, here the 2038. The 80 and 8080 alternative can work to.

So it's not a ip:port, socket or service pack probleme.

I search many time and finaly I realyse the Supernode cant connect. Kazaa receive an error message for all the supernode on the kaZupernodes list, BUT he can retrieve the list!!

I active a supernode on my side and I enter my dsl ip on the kaZupernode tools. Kazupernode cant saw an error. Kazaa lite can not connect now, but KaZupernode can saw a Supernode. The ip was change few seconde for my ip, I try to retrive a list of supernodes and I saw one other supernode active without error on the list. I add this supernode on my SuperList of kaZupernode, I can connect in the same time to my supernode and this new one, approximatly 10 secondes. With this connection I can retrieve a list of 20 supernodes without error. With this list on my SuperList of kaZupernode I can connect with Kazaa lite and I can retrieve 50 others Supernode to add.

I saw approxymatly 10 000 users less on my buged kazaa lite than on my other computer, but now I can make a reseach without problemes.

I try to do the same trick with my lan ip, or, but on kaZupernodes I never take the Supernode status, only the Error status. But it's probably because I use the the Ip Blocker list. I don't think I'll be attaked by a hacker/freaker on my lan and I'll probably remove the un-routable ip ( non-internet ip ) of the Ip blocker tools txt file , but if I have to transfert I file between 2 computers on my lan I'll probably more use a FTP protocol than a Kazaa protocol.

I don't think this installation probleme is from nvidia firewall, activearmor fw, of from windows xp itself. I think the probleme was on the Kazaa network, maybe on overload of the network, an authentification war of Sherman or maybe simply a virus. But it's sure we have solution.

I hope, my experience should help few people. Sorry for my english, I speak Français ( Québois ) normaly.

Thanks to leave this topic here, I hope he can't help people in few years with a Cache result of Google. Have a good day and dont forget, dont sharing is not democratic and reduce the liberty of speach. Everything can be said and every people can learn to understan.

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MessagePublié: 28 Jan 2006 10:38 
Mélomane Herbeux
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ça existe encore Kazaa? Image

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MessagePublié: 28 Jan 2006 12:58 
Fantôme du 'Chat
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Je croyais aussi que kazaa est complètement mort !
En tout cas, je ne l'ai plus essayé depuis des mois.

"Mieux vaut être saoûl que con, ça dure moins longtemps", c'est pour ça que je ne bois pas !!

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